Puzzle Studio

Puzzle Studio is a game where you have to get to the goal to win with your arrow keys and your brain.

Chuck Sommerville originally started this project when he couldn't get the license for Chip's Challenge (2) because the publisher wanted $$$ for the rights.

Chuck has abandoned this project. After that, he started work on Chuck's Challenge.

Download the game (Windows only)

SHA256: e6826bc4b9cd20e7586951d990cd4eca37d24b3020592d093ea7642d2bd87a97

Download Yahoo group archive (messages/downloads)

SHA256: c391a89a0dc710f03831031f786201835b5aa6319abadeecf08926c729a26fcb

Download Puzzlestudio.org archive

SHA256: 681ea28ac0c7acf3210b2dd05c15867a1fa779d6a730f960d3a08e43ccda5ced

Download Git archive

SHA256: e8ed5aa273bf44f807aaab07e2a81b53428116327be4e358493693d6701ce554

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