AutoSneak/Run, AutoTool, SmartFurnace, LookBehind and lots more!

Minecraft ControlPack is a client mod. You don't have to install this mod on the server!

"Your mod is like putting on an old jacket and finding 50 bucks."

- the_f0dder

"I want to give birth to this mods' babies."

- eastwood6510

"When minecraft updates to a new version I don't even bother installing it, until ControlPack is updated as well."

- Lucid

"It's like you gave birth to the new minecraft."

- .AT


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Introducing ControlPack

Great Mod Spotlight by RedstoneNightmare


  • Auto Tool Selection
  • Auto Sword Selection
  • Auto Block Selection
  • Hold to Attack
  • Stack Preservation
  • Tap to Place Torch
  • Hold to Eat Food
  • Tap to Sprint
  • Automatic Window Restoration
  • Better 3rd Person View w/ Camera Control
  • Auto Run
  • Toggle Sneak/Jump/Mining/Use Item
  • Swap Left/Right
  • Run Distance
  • Look Behind
  • Smart Furnace Drops
  • Toggle Full Brightness
  • Individual SFX Volume Control
  • Coordinates Overlay
  • Waypoints
  • Say your location
  • Auto Corpse Waypoint
  • Tool Uses Counter
  • Arrows Remaining Counter